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Established in 2020, Suisse Aimant Capital Ltd is a subsidiary of Suisse Aimant AG (a 30 yr old swiss  structure).

Suisse Aimant Capital is a multi-faceted company with investments / shareholding and technology consulting as its two main divisions. The shareholding/investments arm owns several  companies in EV, gaming, software development, fin-tech and robotics that are located in 

Switzerland, Germany, UAE and India. The technology consulting arm helps enterprises in their  digital transformation journey by building innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies  such as Blockchain, AI and IoT. 

With an international team comprising of industry experts with extensive experience in Blockchain,  AI, IoT, Mobile/Web applications and enterprise software development we build solutions across  industry verticals.  

We leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks and help enterprises  integrate them in their business strategy. We follow industry best practices and provide secured,  efficient, and business-centric solutions. 

Our Vision

Suisse Aimant Capital aims to establish an ecosystem where innovative ideas can be transformed  into reality. We strive to:  

  • Be the leading technology consulting partner for companies and enterprises
  • Foster an ecosystem for companies by collaborating with our partner networks worldwide
  • Have a holistic approach to guide our clients to successfully achieve their goals

Shareholding & Investments

Suisse Aimant Capital Ltd’s shareholding arm owns several entities/start-ups across various sectors such as EV, agriculture, gaming, fin-tech, software development, and robotics located in Switzerland, UAE, and India.

We foster innovation and growth of companies/start-ups and enhance their ecosystem for successful growth by taking a stake in them which also helps them in gaining access to funding mechanisms. We take the company’s products into well-researched international markets and ensure stakeholder returns while also enabling the vision of all the tech companies in our portfolio to become a reality.


Our specialists help organizations and businesses in their digital transformation journey with tailored solutions and services


Be part of the blockchain revolution with our end-to-end blockchain consulting services that help build and launch ideas into innovative solutions using the power of blockchain
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Internet of Things

Collect data from physical items and use it to automate corporate processes. We at Suisse Ainmant Capital invest in value-centered IoT solutions by combining edge computing, cloud data processing, and data science.
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Harness the power of the AI solutions that we provide whether it is machine learning, computer vision, chatbots, or something more advanced, our expert AI developers will help you accelerate your visions. We can help companies with developing the ideas into technologies.
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Mobile & Web

The best developers and programmers in the industry are employed by us to ensure that you receive a top-notch mobile or web application for your company.
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Technical Evaluation

With the abundance of new technologies in the market it is very difficult to differentiate between the state of art and the mediocre. Everyday hundreds of new technologies are introduced into the market, and there are no concrete means to verify their quality.
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Current agriculture uses modern technologies such as GPS, temperature sensors, robots, etc. Our team assists with advanced devices and systems to allow businesses to be more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.
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In today’s day and age, technology is rapidly becoming a coherent part of our existence. Therefore it combines the health sector with technology paving its way for health-tech.
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Fintech as a sector includes any tech used in the financial services industry. Therefore we consult with vendors and other technical experts that help with innovations that aim to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services to our clients.
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Create your own game with our company. Our certified gaming software development experts can create your game project from scratch or revamp existing solutions with updates and integrations to follow industry trends.
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Our Partners

We collaborate with our partners for legal advice, technical development, financial structuring, investments, business development strategies, and marketing strategies amongst others.

TruStory FZCO

A Dubai based firm that provides Marketing, Business Development, Human Resources, and training services, which works with startup companies and organizations around the world.

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Marketing and Business Development Consultants

Utaka Marketing LTD

UK based boutique Consulting firm which provides state-of-the-art advisory in the fields of Marketing and Business Development for aspirational brands to influence the world.

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Marketing and Business Development Consultants

DGA Management Consultants

DGA Management Consultants  is a firm based in Uttar Pradesh, India. It consists of professionals with considerable expertise in Energy, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industry.

Management Consultants

Chanakya Business Enablers

Chanakya Business Enablers is management, technical consulting company with the areas of expertise in Green Energy, Healthcare, EV, and other technologies



Management Technical Consultants

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